The Yellow Heart

The Yellow Heart is the symbol of friendship love.  As red roses are to romantic love, the yellow heart is to the tribe – our brothers-from-another-mother, our sisters, and our family we get to choose ourselves – our friends.

By sharing stories, tips, recipes, and by being mirrors for one another, we are constantly learning!  By walking bravely side by side through the challenges of life, we are not alone.  Whether sisters, cousins, granddaughters, friends, family, or lovers… “Together We Evolve.”

P.S.  The word “Evolve” has L-O-V-E in it twice!

My Personal Story

My big adventures began when I was three years old and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was 33.  Out of nowhere, we began a 10 year journey in search of a cure.  She ~ Rebecca Rohr Clark ~ ultimately passed at just 43 years old, but those ten years taught me way more than my young self could fully process at the time.  People ask me how I have such faith after enduring such hardship – my answer – it was training… intensive training for the life I came here to live.

The first years of her journey held conventional treatments – surgeries, chemo, radiation.  Within a few years, the doctors gave her 6 months to live.  She would have none of it, however, and we searched the world over for a cure.  Some legal, some not, some deeply spiritual, some pretty bizarre.  In the midst of it all, she found the strength within to form a healing support group she called the LIGHT group – “Living in Good Health Together.”  She knew that we are not alone – we are together – connected by the great supportive web of sisterhood, brotherhood, community, friendship.

It was this journey that first exposed me to the other side of healing – energy work, acupuncture, ayurveda, homeopathy, healing crystals, the importance of an organic diet and organic self-care… and I tucked those seeds away for later.

I grew up – with more than a little help from my friends – and it wasn’t until I became a mother that I began to crack open those old wounds and begin to heal them.  The healing work I have done since then has been immense, and I thank my husband, father, family and friends for their support, patience and forgiveness along the way.

For probably many reasons, my own health was never good.  As a child, I suffered from frequent colds, flus, and worse.  My immune system simply couldn’t keep up.  At 20 I had breast reduction surgery – my body was that out of balance.  By 26, I felt offically un-well and insomnia set in.

I sought help from conventional doctors, and as is so common with vague symptoms of dis-ease, the tests came back fine.  They suggested Prozac and the like; I declined.  I knew it would only be a band-aid for deeper issues I was determined to heal.  And this began my Self-Care journey.  When others can’t heal us (and when can they, really) we must look inward for our own answers, and ultimately heal ourselves.

I am happy to share that now – at 36 – I am thriving and well.  I sleep like a baby and I am rarely sick.  I balanced my hormones naturally and without synthetic intervention.  I healed grief, trauma, physical pain, and emotional wounds.  When I do get sick, I thank my body for how incredibly amazing it is and allow myself the down time that is needed.  When I am hurting, I thank the symptoms and give them the full attention they require, for symptoms are our bodies’ way of bringing our attention where it is needed.

I found that there’s no “cure” and it’s not “out there.”  It’s in here.  In my great big wide beautiful amazing… yellow heart.

Today, I remain constantly committed to my health journey, doing my emotional work as it comes up, and living bravely the life of my dreams.  I don’t always sleep like a baby, I sometimes have down days, I make plenty of mistakes, and I embrace all these facets of being human.  Life is a learning or re-membering experience, rich with both gritty and beautiful moments ~ I try my best to embrace it all.  Mistakes are how we learn, perfection is not the goal, and it’s not always pretty.  I love myself anyway and offer my YES daily, in gratitude and service to Love.  I invite you to reach out, comment on my products, share your story, and join me on the self-care journey.

Self-Care is Self-Love in Action.

Beyond Organic means all ingredients are at least Certified Organic,

AND we choose local, wild-crafted, and/or biodynamic whenever possible.

Instead of spending money on organic certification, I decided, for now, that it would be best put toward amazing ingredients.