The Skin is our Largest Organ

What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it.  Our skin absorbs the very same way the gut does, and when we recognize and embrace this, we can offer our body wonderful medicine via the beautiful and largest organ – our skin – through the simple, wonderful gifts provided by nature.

Our skin is a great indicator of our overall health, and if it is not clear and even glowing, something may be hurting on the inside.  Whether unhealthy food, drinks, or emotions – our skin is a direct reflection of what wants to be addressed in order to gain more vibrant, robust health.

A bit about Symptoms

Symptoms are a gift our bodies use to communicate with us.  They are usually present long before diagnosable “disease” occurs, and tuning into them, even embracing them, is so important.  The first step is learning to “not judge” our symptoms, and rather thank them for trying to clue us in to our bodies deeper needs.  For example, we can let go of assigning negative words or thoughts to symptoms with ourselves and our children like this….

“I have a terrible stomach ache, it’s so awful that I always have these.”  -OR-  “This stomach pain really seems to be trying to get my attention.  Thanks tummy, I hear you.  Angels, please help me see what I can do to feel better again.”  This opens the door to your body’s infinite wisdom and puts you on the path to understanding, learning, evolving, and improving.

And this one for your child:

“His headaches are such an awful problem.  It’s so unfair that my child has to deal with this.”  -OR-  “Thank you headaches for letting us know that something inside my baby needs attention.  Please help me understand what it is so he can feel better and fully thrive again soon.”

Symptoms are definitely challenging and can be deeply scary and upsetting.  However, if we release the negative judgement we often attach to them with our thoughts, we can see beyond the discomfort and hear what the body is calling out for.  I have learned to release judgement on all challenges, instead calling them out as opportunities for growth vs. unfair disasters that are “bad.”

Especially these days, robust health is a journey we all must work at.  Even for children, probably because of the overwhelming amount of chemicals, stress, and EMF’s we are exposed to in today’s modern society, amazing health is not a given anymore.  It takes effort for each and every one of us, so let’s embrace that and learn to do the good work for our bodies with greater ease, less fear, and without resistance.

One last example:  Old response to news of a sick friend:  “Oh that’s awful, how horrible, that’s the worst!”  New way:  “That is soooo challenging, that sounds super hard, I can hardly imagine… I love you and I completely support you on this journey.”

About my Ingredients…

When I first began, I sat for a very long time with the ingredients I was considering using for my products and experimented and tested deeply.  Much prayer and many downloads later, I now feel very confident in the ingredients I have chosen and remain constantly open to new information about even better ingredients that may come to me down the road.

I call my products “Beyond Organic” because everything I choose is at least certified organic – if not additionally sustainable, local, biodynamic and/or wildcrafted.  Let’s start with Essential Oils…

I have used many kinds of EO’s in my adult life including a decade of enjoying Young Living, some DoTerra, and others.  I thank each of these as they have been wonderful overall.  Last year I discovered the company Veriditas Botanicals and slowly but surely fell in love with their oils.  Veriditas is the only company currently offering a full line of 100% ECO-Cert Certified Organic oils, which gives me assurance that every oil is pure and safe.  They are truly wonderful.  They are also located in Minneapolis, which for me makes them the most local choice available.  In 2016, Verditas was bought by Pranarom, a European company who has been offering organic products since 1975.  (More info at http://pranarom.us/.)

I buy many ingredients including (organic) Coconut Oil, Castille Soap, Arrowroot, etc. from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are a highly reputable company with the finest products I have found.  I buy some of the base oils also including (organic) Jojoba & Apricot Kernel Oil from Organic Infusions and wildcrafted Rosehip Seed Oil from them as well.  I like the (organic) Sesame Oil from Banyan Botanicals, a wonderful resource for Ayurvedic healing information, herbs and oils.