I had been feeling a bit off.  A smattering of mild symptoms had started adding up and I couldn’t really ignore the sum of them anymore.  The most noticeable and scary being breast pain in my right breast.  The mildest being interrupted sleep, dull skin, lack of magical glow.  Getting to “radiant” was harder and harder, until I just couldn’t really find it anymore.

As a guardian and promoter of the magic of Self-Care, I simply couldn’t let this happen.  I had already been eating an organic diet rich in homemade-with-love and nourishing foods, doing what I love, surrounding myself with positivity — but the usual stuff wasn’t working anymore.  My cards kept saying “clean it up,” and I kept hoping they meant the closet.

I didn’t want to give up coffee, didn’t want to change my diet even further, didn’t want to clean up my habits to the point of total perfection… what do they want me to be, a nun?

Well, They (the Angels, God, what have you) sometimes want something from you that doesn’t initially make sense.  But that’s because the lens we’re looking through is suction-cupped to our face!  We can’t see the future, we can’t even see the bigger picture… we just have to listen, surrender, and Trust Deeper.

Right now it feels I am being asked/pushed to level-up my Self-Care to a-WHOLE-nother level.  I have been on the path of healing mind/body/spirit for quite some time, and used all my personal experience to put together these practices and share them with you.  Every path to wellness is unique for sure, so please pick and choose what feels important to you and follow that path.  Self-Care is your own Perfect Path to Wellness.

Since I have committed to these practices, and gotten some support from holistic wellness practitioners,  my symptoms have reversed and/or disappeared and I feel more balanced and frequently sparkling again.  And that’s in just a few days, a couple weeks… it doesn’t take long to know when you’re on the right path.  And the path just continues and new doors start opening… so get on your path!  Continue on your path!  It feels good to be on my right path again, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share it with You.


Let’s talk Thermography:  The whole idea of Thermography is to detect patterns in the breast before they become tumors. This is such a great thing!!  And yes, at my appointment this year I did have patterns that can be and need to be reversed now, so I don’t have actual tumors forming in the coming years.  I will be going back in 6 months to find out how well my holistic approach has worked in restoring total health.

Thermography images are read by a panel of doctors who give each breast a rating on a scale from 1 – 5, 1 being “great” and 5 being “really abnormal.”  I saw my images myself at the scan and thought, “that ain’t good,” as I could see thermal patterns and areas of white heat (the hottest) and was tempted to feel terrified.  I would have to wait two weeks to get my results.  So I went home and processed and tuned in to my inner wisdom and what I came to was this:

I thought, after all I have been through in my lifetime and the breast pain I was experiencing, I would be happy with a 3.  A “3” would give me the opportunity to turn it around while I still can relatively easily, and would mean I probably don’t have Cancer, just conditions ready for improvement.  A “3” would be great motivation to make changes, but it wouldn’t mean a diagnosis with an actual disease.  I made peace with the possibility of getting a “3” a prayed it would not be worse than that.

When the results came in I tried to stay calm as I opened them though of course my heart was racing… I read on.  Indeed, I got a “3” on the left breast and “3-” on the right, the breast I had been having pain in.  3- is a little worse than a 3.  Amazing how I pretty much knew what it would be, and I was, as expected, disappointed, relieved, and motivated – all at the same time.

To thicken the plot, the following week I went to the Dentist.  I was hoping for a slightly overdue routine cleaning, but knew that I had symptoms I had been ignoring – and hoping I could ignore a little longer.  Sadly, {SLAP}, after a painfully sensitive cleaning I was told that, because I had left it unaddressed, my gum recession had progressed, and I now had 7 cavities along my gum lines.  WHAT!?  Yes, 7 cavities.

I had been told once I had a calcium absorption issue and that my bones and teeth were weakening.  I didn’t do much about it.  I had been told I needed to protect my teeth at night from grinding and I didn’t do much about that either.  Now I had to pay the piper and get 6 fillings last week.  Expensive and painful and hard on my beliefs about myself as a self-care goddess.

Of course, I decided to lean into this as well and… TRUST DEEPER.

One thing I have learned about health is you either pay now or pay later.  Whether through slightly more expensive food, time-consuming cooking and self-care practices, or some smart appointments made on your own behalf… it’s actually much easier to pay some dues now instead of medical bills & procedures later.

I immediately started researching things I could do and have implemented a host of practices that are amazing, cheap or free, and working!  I will be posting on each practice one at a time to share it deeply with you.  I will tell all about it, how I’m using it, and how it could work for you, if you choose.

The practices I’m Working With Are:

1.  Dry-brushing & Warm-Oil Massage

2.  Oil-Pulling

3.  Castor-Oil Packs & Yoga Nidra

4.  Hormone-Balancing Eating & Exercising

5.  Alkaline Eating

6.  Vitamins & Supplements

7.  Chaga & Herbal Infusions

8.  Diatomaceous Earth 

9.  Emotion Code

I look forward to going deep into each one over the coming posts, as well as making new discoveries along the way!  

much love,  Ali