The beloved “Life Bar” is your go-to for rich, deep, protective moisturizing in a convenient, delicious-smelling bar form.

  • Keep one in the kitchen where frequent hand moisturizing is a must.  
  • Keep one by the bed for dry hands & lips, and one in your self-care space, of course.  
  • Keep one in your kids’ room as their go to for most common complaints…. Life Bar can only help because it’s organic and safe!
  • Guys love Life Bars for hands, after-shave balm, lip balm, and more.
  • Keep one in the car or your purse…  you’ll be amazed how handy it comes in!

Life Bars “Just might change your life.”

Beyond Organic Ingredients:

Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Pranarom 100% Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Orange; and Blessings, Love & Magic

Introducing LIFE BAR GEMS!!!   

Here’s how it happened: Covid came around and we could no longer sample LIFE BARS in the usual way.  

I was visiting my Friends at Tabal Chocolate and saw their chocolate “gem” molds ~ a lightbulb appeared over my head and I said, “Hey! Can I have one of those molds?”  They agreed and I made a test batch ~ LOVE!!  We started sampling with the new LIFE BAR GEMS, and everyone wanted to order them.  And that’s how the new product was born!

Same great formula, absolutely the same, brilliant little single-serve pieces.  So grateful for this discovery, Life Bar Gems are all the rage in self-care!

“I didn’t think Life Bar could get any better, then YHS goes and creates these perfect little nuggets!!
These are my new fave.  Grab one, crack it and use it all!!  Hands, elbows (mine no longer covered in psoriasis, thanks to Life Bar), feet…
My 4 year old now takes one and uses them all by himself on his winter-dry hands.
I’m in love… again.”  ~ Kate, WI