BEYOND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS:  Cocoa Butter, Beeswax (local), Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder. Essential Oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, & Vetiver

Also available:  Lemongrass (non-lavender) formula, Sensitive Skin formula which omits Tea Tree & Vetiver, and Entirely Unscented.


Our Armpits are nature’s perfect detox and cooling system and we love them.  

But the stinky is not OK.

That’s why I created this wonderfully effective pit paste that allows the body to sweat happily, while remaining completely odor free.

Am I kidding?  Not kidding.  You can sweat and remain odor free by creating an environment where noxious bacteria can not thrive – with Pit Paste.

Through a care-full concoction of “Beyond Organic” ingredients including baking soda, arrowroot, and a little essential oil, you can support your body and it’s perfect, natural functions.  I only wish I’d known sooner!

Free your precious pits.

* I recommend waiting at least 4 hours to apply this or any deodorant to the underarms after shaving.  Shaving can cause abrasions to the tender area and both the baking soda and essential oils can be irritants to broken skin.  This would be good common sense advice for the application of ALL deodorants.

** Product is temperature sensitive, meaning it will be harder in cold temperatures and soften in warm temperatures.  It is formulated to be the best balance possible based on your feedback!

*** If rash occurs, stop using and contact me for assistance finding a formula that works for you.  DO let me know!

The Backstory

I used a “natural” product by Sunrider for a decade, thinking I was completely safe because the label read “Herbal Deodorant.”  One day it dawned on me to turn it over to read the ingredients, and much to my shock I saw “parabens” listed as an ingredient!  I contacted the company about this and they wrote back to assure me that the amount they use was necessary and SAFE.  I knew then that I was done using any commercially made deodorant and set to my mission of creating a homemade version that rocked.

My first batch was surprisingly effective; we were thrilled!  Subsequent batches fine-tuned consistency and I soon began sharing little jars full of the goodness with friends and family.  They loved it!  We continued to refine the recipe and I knew I had found my calling.  No more parabens, no more mystery ingredients, no more chemicals in our precious pits.

Pit Paste = LOVE!!

Even at 95 degrees in CR while at Jiu jitsu camp, after a crazy spin or kundalini yoga class, while spending a holiday with family, and when postmenopausal as even ones’ personal pit juice seems to change (not in a good way either).  Also, smells fantastic and won’t poison me.  We’ve tried other small batch organic pit paste and none compare. This is seriously the very best product out there! Buying it for all my friends…

~ Ginger H., NJ

The Pit Paste Experience

First of all, the name simply makes me smile!  I mean, perhaps if I paste my pits they’ll forever be protected & safe from all nastiness, only for my own goodness to radiantly flourish within.

I took 3 months to put Pit Paste to the test.  Don’t let the fact that it goes on a bit rough put you off!  Once I invited the tender, soothing idea of pushing the bar from the bottom of the pit to the top of the pit, our relationship truly began.

Next was to experiment with silk, polypropylene, organic cotton, and all types of workout tops.  Because the word “paste” and the way this wholistic organic product went on to my skin, the worry of daily stickiness came to mind.  But that went away moments after tank tops and sleeved blouses were place on my body!

No stickiness happens to my own skin or to any of my material clothing choices.  our skin is one of our very most important organs and is vital that it breathes.  From this, now I know this lovely product is comfortable to wear.

Next test:  odor control.  I am an active mom of 3, a do’er in perpetual motion, and a Bowspring Postural Alignment practitioner.  My desire in Life is to show up fresh.  Before and after a day, ,I do not prefer any underlining scent of ANY kind and Pit Paste passes that test.

To further compliment this amazing product, Pit Paste does not, under all circumstances, leave a residue of any kind on my skin or my clothing.  To my sensitive self, THIS IS the product I want to make sure accompanies me on all of Life’s Journeys!!!

THANK YOU Ali Moran for infusing your Love in mindfully & sensitively creating an aluminum free, wholesome organic product that all of us can ultimately trust!!!

~ Caroly H.N., CO

“Works better than conventional deodorant.  I will never use anything else!”

~ Mary Lou, WI 


Purchased with skepticism...

I purchased Pit Paste with some skepticism, because my experience over the last 23 years with dear friends who’ve eschewed “regular” anti-perspirant/deodorants in favor of something “natural” always, well, um, smelled. And not in a good way. And often had pit stains.

Sooooo, while I’ve continued to look for ways I can eliminate chemicals/toxins from products I use on/in my body, I sort of always thought I’d just have to be stuck with chemical-laden antiperspirants.

And the thought of wet armpits, maybe not smelly, but still wet, to pit out shirts….well, also not something I was willing to trade for, either (it seems like anti-perspirant can’t be achieved in natural form, just deodorant. And I know, don’t tell me we’re “supposed to sweat”, yadda yadda. I know…

Some sweat is totally fine. But I’m a S-W-E-A-T-E-R. Like, holy wow, everyone’s a bit warm – yeah, I’m the one who’s just drenched. Add hot flashes and hormonal swings, and you get the intensity of this picture). So, I started using Pit Paste with the lowest of expectations. I have been very, very, very happily surprised. It controls odor – like actually, totally, full stop – controls odor. Completely. That’s amazing.

My armpits have been “damp” from time to time, which is a feeling I’ve had to get used to, honestly. But they haven’t been “wet”. I haven’t pitted out a shirt (unless during a full-on workout, which is totally fine since I look like I’ve gone for a swim after any kind of LAND exercise).  I’ve reapplied Pit Paste before workouts (late in the day).  

I give this product a complete and total thumbs up. I am so happy to have a chemical-free, EFFECTIVE product!!! Yippee yippee! I’d written off this ever being a possibility. If you’re looking for an option and haven’t tried Pit Paste, I recommend you do so. It may just be the answer you’ve been searching for, too!

~ Lisa, WI

Man Steals Wife's Pit Paste

I was always reluctant to try the natural deodorants, because the few times I had they made me feel clammy and sweaty and almost seemed worse than putting nothing on at all.  Therefore, I continued with my anti-perspirant addiction for decades.

In a pinch last summer, I borrowed your product from my wife and have used it ever since!  It smells fine going on, but really has no fragrance which I prefer.

The good news is it does a great job as a deodorant and I never seem to really get sweaty or clammy in spite of it not being an anti-perspirant per se.  Awesome product!

~ Bruce G., WI

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