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Supremely Useful Moisture Bar with a tough of magic.

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Supremely useful moisture bar for all things moisturizing ~ perfect for dry hands, cracked fingers in winter, feet, lips, aftershave balm, foot massage ~ your go-to product for all skin conditions.  Life Bar never dries out or goes bad… leave Life Bar out where you’ll use it often.  Set it on a lovely tray and make it part of your daily LIFE!

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1 Life Bar in Tin


Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil
Vereditas 100% Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Orange
Blessings, Love & Magic

7 reviews for Life Bar

  1. Michelle Lawrence

    So handy and so good! I have spent a lot of time barefoot in rough conditions over the years that has resulted in very dry and cracked heels. I have tried a lot of different moisturizers and techniques to try and soften and hydrate them. I was surprised that YHS Life Bar worked almost right away and what even seems like is repairing that skin! It’s amazing and it’s so easy to rub on. I have one dedicated to my feet and another for misc. use as well as one in my bag for on the go – it’s the perfect travel lotion!
    Bonus? They come with cool designs and make great stocking stuffers. <3

  2. Livia Hall

    I love the Life Bar! I received one from a friend and have since purchased a bunch more for my friends. The pretty packaging, the delicious smell and luscious texture and the great bar format makes it a very special product to use. It makes my skin look and feel so soft and silky!

  3. Dan

    I had such great success with the pit stick I ordered a life bar! I have been working this product into my hands daily. Parts of my hands have been subjected to repeated burns from welding over the years…
    To my pleasant surprise my skin is returning to normal! Very neat to experience the bar slightly melt into your skin with body heat! Instantly gratifying!

  4. Camille Walters

    I absolutely cannot live without these life bars in the winter. I keep them in my house and in my purse. They work miracles on dry, chapped hands and my son loves them too.

  5. Jennifer McMillan

    This gorgeous little bar is always in my purse. Lips, hands, baby—-it works on everything and it smells amazing. They make beautiful gifts too!

  6. Ali

    I LOVE MY LIFE BAR! It is my go-to for fall/winter/spring hand dryness from washing. It moisturizes perfectly and has a barrier that keeps my hands nourished for the rest of the day. They are also great when lips get overly chapped! It really has so many uses, these are just my favorite.

  7. richard moran

    Life Bar Gems are a treat…I have used three in the last 12 hours…on my cuts and abrasions, as an after shaving moisturizer, tips of fingers raggedness. The gems warm quickly and becoming supple and velvety. I love walking past the tray, plucking a gem, and rubbing in the magic while moving on with my day.

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