Pit Paste Stick


“Beyond Organic” deodorant that neutralizes odor by creating a naturally anti-bacterial environment.  Fresh neutral scent, goes on like a dream, absolute bliss for your pits.

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Pit Paste Stick – Our Armpits are nature’s perfect detox and cooling system and we love them.

But the stinky is not OK.

That’s why I created this wonderfully effective pit paste that allows the body to sweat happily, while remaining completely odor free.

Not kidding.  You can sweat and remain odor free by creating an environment where noxious bacteria can not thrive – with Pit Paste.

Through a care-full concoction of “Beyond Organic” ingredients including beeswax, baking soda, arrowroot, and a little essential oil, you can support your body and it’s perfect, natural functions.  I only wish I’d known sooner!

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Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder
100% Certified Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, & Vetiver.

3 reviews for Pit Paste Stick

  1. Dan

    Fantastic! I have extremely sensitive skin. Every deodorant I have ever tried, has left me either sweating profusely or with irritated underarms. This is the first product I have used that works for me!!! I also typically smell terrible after a 10 hour day of welding in a hot environment — this stuff also delivers on the deodorizing promise! Thank you!!!!!!

  2. Kay Rolston

    Thank You. This is the first product that I have used that has stopped the odor.
    P.S. Love the name.

  3. Lisa Bull

    I purchased Pit Paste on a whim several years ago, but with skepticism because my experience over the last 23 years with dear friends who’ve eschewed “regular” anti-perspirant/deodorant products in favor of something “natural” always, well, um, smelled. And not in a good way. And often had pit stains.

    Sooooo, while I’d continued to look for ways I can eliminate chemicals/toxins from products I use on/in my body, I sort of always thought I’d just have to be stuck with chemical-laden antiperspirants. And the thought of wet armpits, maybe not smelly, but still wet, to pit out shirts….well, also not something I was willing to trade for, either (it seems like antiperspirant can’t be achieved in natural form, just deodorant. And I know, don’t tell me we’re “supposed to sweat”, yadda yadda. I know. Some sweat is totally fine. But I’m a S-W-E-A-T-E-R. Like, holy wow, everyone’s a bit warm – yeah, I’m the one who’s just drenched. Add hot flashes and hormonal swings, and you get the intensity of this picture). So, I started using Pit Paste with the lowest of expectations. I have been very, very, very happily surprised. It controls odor – like actually, totally, full stop – controls odor. Completely. That’s amazing. My armpits have been “damp” from time to time, which is a feeling I’ve had to get used to, honestly. But they haven’t been “wet”. I haven’t pitted out a shirt (unless during a full-on workout, which is totally fine since I look like I’ve gone for a swim after any kind of LAND exercise). I’ve reapplied Pit Paste before workouts (late in the day).

    I give this product a complete and total thumbs up. I am so happy to have a chemical-free, EFFECTIVE product!!! Yippee yippee! I’d written off this ever being a possibility. If you’re looking for an option and haven’t tried Pit Paste, I recommend you do so. It may just be the answer you’ve been searching for, too!

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