Self-care is caring for oneself as tenderly

as we care for others.  So often we give to others first, for we have been programmed this way, especially with our children.  Though this sentiment comes from the right place, we quickly learn it doesn’t work that well.

Giving from a place of spectacular health and cup-overflowing is tremendously different than giving from a place of chronic depletion.  Self-care changes all that by giving attention to your own needs, understanding that the Self must first be nurtured before we can nurture others.

It takes a fair amount of strength to say no to the plea to be/do everything.  Women have the incredible ability to multi-task and nurture others, but we tend to fall down when it comes to nurturing ourselves.  Like the plumber whose pipes are a mess, the cook who eats frozen dinners, the artist in a shack, we put it off for another day what we know that we need now.


The skin is our largest organ!

I would like to help you remember how to pamper and nurture your skin with homemade “beyond organic” self-care products that are more than luxurious enough to make you feel like you live in a spa, even without a big budget.  The best things are usually the simplest, and my products and recipes are intended to be simple, beautiful, the best I have found.


 “When we heal ourselves, others are healed.

When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. 

When we honor our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being.

When each woman honors her Self, more raw, creative energy is available to be used by the whole to effect changes in the way humankind reacts to life.

When women are no longer lost, asking others to tell them what they should do or how they should live, there will be great changes in our world. 

Self-esteem is reclaimed when the feminine principle of nurturing the Self is practiced, instead of expecting our sense of wholeness to come from our relationship to another person. When we care enough for ourselves to take the time we need to give to the Self, we will feel complete.

This is the way of the feminine nurturing principle: going within, finding the problem, and remedying it through nurturing the self.”

from “The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers