Momentum has been building with Yellow Heart Sisters and I am often in my workshop mixing up magic.  I always light a candle when I begin a batch of production, and most times I remember to slow down enough to invite my Angels to assist me.  I have noticed a difference in the feel of my products when I make them with loving intention than when I make them while multi-tasking or under stress.

It just occurred to me why there have been so many orders for LIFT Balm lately!  It is January!  I created LIFT Balm at precisely this time of year, two Januarys ago, when dry skin takes on a whole new meaning in Wisconsin.  LIFT Balm arrived having all the richness of feel and bright warmth of scent that we crave this time of year…   Mmmm, don’t you just love when things make sense.  #momentofclarity

I’d like to share a little story from today… about my batch of LIFT Balm…

I lit my candle and melted each ingredient in order from hardest to softest; beeswax and cocoa butter to apricot kernel and rosehip seed oil, each one is given time to melt.  Last, I swirl in the essential oils; lavender, rose, orange, vanilla, frankincense. 

I smell it, it smells good; I feel it, rub some on my face; feels good.  It’s not quite perfect though, not overwhelming me with both unnamed nostalgia and sensory bliss, not getting tingly chills all over, so something isn’t finished here…. these are the feelings I go for before a batch is poured.  I reach for my crystal pendulum and swing it over the commercial double-boiler that gently warms my product.  It swings left, counter clockwise indicating a “no” as in “not finished.”  Not Angel-approved.

So I go back and test all the ingredients one by one, pendulum testing each in turn, asking if this is what is needed to perfect the batch.  Each offers a clear “No.”  It is none of them!   In the moment that feels like a problem, so I test a handful of other oils…. Rose Geranium, Sandalwood, Clary Sage.  All no’s. 

Then I remember Kung Fu Panda.  When his dad, the soup maker, finally tells him the secret ingredient of his special soup…. There is no secret ingredient, the secret ingredient is YOU!

So I put my hands over the warm golden liquid and asked for the energy of Unconditional Love to be infused in this batch of LIFT Balm, and that all who use it feel connected to the great web of divine oneness.  I sang prayers I learned in Kundalini Yoga and burned some palo santo, a sacred wood, and blew the smoke over the cooling oil.  Basically I invited Great Spirit to bless this batch, then tested it again, and sure enough ~ approved.

I have come to believe that the products are special because they have a certain energy within them.  In order for this energy to be felt, I do some things while making the products that may enhance the “good juju” of the finished jars o’ love.  Now you know, the secret ingredient is Love.