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Missions in Alignment

When we give an endorsement, you can be sure that we really mean it.  Just like you, we have tried lots of products from lots of companies over the years, and there are a very select few who get us jumpin…  If they’re featured here, it’s because we are doing an absolute happy dance of YES! for these companies and we deeply and wholeheartedly want to share them with you.  Enjoy!!


Banyan Botanicals is a wonderful online resource for Ayurvedic information and products.  Banyan products I use DAILY are:

  • Castor Oil (for castor oil packs, also a key ingredient in Facial Cleansing Oil)
  • Everyday Greens tablets ~ great for easy alkinlizing when I don’t get to eat enough fresh green vegetables, I take these daily!
  • Triphala ~ I take this every night for supporting the body’s natural cleansing and rejuvenation process, helps with full elimination pooping.
  • Immune Strong ~ an blend of herbal magic that supports a strong immune system, very bitter which is very medicinal 🙂

I love learning about the three “doshas” and which one I identify with most, and practices I can engage with that help balance my dosha.